CRM Project list

Climate Resilient Measures - Ramanathapuram

CRM No. Name of the CRM GP and block Details
1). Public and Common Land Development
1 Mini forest: (500 saplings/unit) 1000 mini forest units in 11 blocks covering all  429 GPs ♦   Promoted 5 lakhs trees  in 250 acres
  ♦   33 native species are grown
  ♦   Promoted 162 miniforest in schools  and maintained by women and students
2 Horticulture Park: 11 thematic parks in 11 blocks- ♦   Developed focussing on different themes- Fruit park, Agro forestry park, food park, Community park, Integrated Farming System.
  ♦    In the IFS model -included allied enterprises such as cattle rearing, goat rearing, Mushroom production, Spirulina production, compost production, organic input production and cultivation  of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants, fodder in organic farming
3 Nursery at the district level Vendoni, Paramakudi block ♦   Raised 15 lakhs tree saplings for transplanting in the District
♦    20 varieties of native species  are maintained and
♦   Scientific management of Nursery was imparted
4 Avenue plantation 1) Parthibanur (Ramnad district border starting ) to Kamuthi (Viruthunagar district border)- 40 Kms ( double side - 80 kms ♦   4,00,000 trees will be transplanted  in 370 Km - consist of 100 big trees and 200 small trees per 1000 m and completed areas and SHGs are given responsibility for tree maintenance
2) Parthibanur to Paramakudi- 15 kms
 (double side- 30 kms)
3) Ramanathapuram to Sayalkudi  (Thoothukudi district border)- 70 (140kms)
4) Ramnad toThondi (border of Sivagangai district)- 60 ( 120 kms)
5 Cascade of tanks R.S Mangalam block is selected for cascade tank - Planned  to work in 15 cascade tank ♦   Discussed with PRADHAN- a NGO expertise in cascade tank- NGO will support to renovate (planning and implementation)
6 Integrated Food park Thaduthalankottai , Paramakudi ♦   Established in 25 acres of land- 
♦   Navthanya ( millets and pulses) cultivation and processing,
♦   Moringa cultivation and value added products-
♦   Traditional Vegetable seed production- 70 varieties of vegetable and Flowers crop cultivation
7 Coastal watersheds list of villages are given in Annexure 1 ♦    three pilots have been identified and discussion is initiated for comprehensive planning. Activities includes Wetlands, Coastal bio-shields, mangroves, coastal sand dune management, coastal plantation, river creek management, eco-tourism, local sea grass cultivation etc
8 River bank stabilization through plantation Paramakudi block Plantation and surface vegetation is promoted in erosion prove areas
9 Oxygen park Planned  in 10 acres (8000 trees) of land at Ramnathapuram block ♦   Planned to promote Bamboo for increasing the oxygen and Moringa trees and its value        added products for reducing the anaemia
10 Mini nursery in all panchayats Promoted fruit and flower seedlings in 429 panchayats 450000 seedlings will be produced in six months
11 Traditional life park Mandapam block - Developing models of five types geo-based land (kurunji, mullai, marutham, neithal , palai) ♦   Traditional food court
♦   Ornamental plants/ fishes
♦   Traditional games
♦   Total area 7.5 acres
12 Mega forest -  5000 saplings/unit four GPs ♦   Block plantation in degraded lands
13 River rejuvenation Kottakariyar river sub basin Artificial recharge Structures and check dams - potential sites have been identified
14 Sea water intrusion control and soil erosion Coastal GPs 5 GPs in the coastal areas where salinity is higher
CWRM water action 2. Agriculture and Allied sector development 
2 Livelihood Activity centers Planned to promote 50-60 types of enterprises covering one Livelihood activity in each GP ( in 429 Gps) ♦   Building a center using local available resources like mud, Prosopis sticks and Palm leaves
CWRMP Action 3. Rural Infrastructure
3 TANKA - Community level Chitturvadi in R. S. Mangalam and Thillainendhal,  Thiruppullani ♦   Storage capacity is 30000 lits/ tanka