Water Security & Climate Adaptation: Tamil Nadu: Vulnearbility Index & Key Water Action

S NO Vunerability Area WASCA Vlunerability Indicators Vulnerability Indicator  Unit for Assessment
1 Climate Vulerability changes in maxT C1 Degree Celcius
2 changes in minT C2 Degree Celcius
3 changes in RF C3  %
4 Excess rainfall years C4 No. of Years
5 Water resource vulnerability Deficient rainfall years W1 No. of Years
6 Ground water extraction  W2 %
7 Ground water Recharge W3 in cubic meter
8 surface water availability W4 mm
9 water gap W5 MCM
10 % of contamination W6 %
11 Agriculture vulnerability  Rainfed area A1 %
12 Cropping intensity A2 %
13 Soil moisture A3 kg/m2
14 Evapotranspiration A4 kg/m2/s
15 Socio-economic vulnerability Rural proportion S1 %
16 Multidimensional poverty index S2 Index Value
17 source of drinking water within premises in rural S3 %
18 marginal farmer_ landholdings S4  %